Aliki Ioanna Papapetrou: Youthmakers Hub always tries for the best

Μy name is Aliki Ioanna Papapetrou. I am a Greek Architect Engineer, Concept Designer, and Entrepreneur. I graduated from the University of Patras and trained in IT Software Development at IEK ALFA. I am currently doing my micro-degree in Sustainable Artificial Intelligence for Architecture at Gritnova Global Campus. I love Art, Design, Nature, and Business, and I aspire through my office and career to establish a community of doers devoted to sustainable living, good practices, growth & community relations.

I have been a part of Youthmakers Hub for 2 to 3 years. 

I met the founders in person at an event while I was a legal volunteer in another youth center, and I loved their dedication to Africa and its culture.

I participated in hackathon challenges and online courses and followed up on several live projects. I wish someday to visit Africa with them; it will be a lifetime experience. 

YMH is well organized, provides support, explores real problems, offers solutions, stands for equal rights, and always tries for the best.

Through their projects 21st Century Skills Academy, Post Co(vi)ding Academy, Meet & Code & Project Managers Academy, I got familiar with 2D Game Design, 2D & 3D 1.0, Website for Beginners (HTML & CSS), Development skills, Game Design & VR. I look forward to more and -why not- hosting a workshop with YMH!

I learned more about myself; what I can do as a professional, what I would like to learn in the future, what is essential in group activities, how to grow in a team, and how leadership and project management are fundamental skills of mine. 

Ethics is the key to anything I get involved in, and YMH provides that environment.

I remember the first workshop about two years ago (August 2021 – 21 Century Skill it Up Hackathon – Astypalea Team), where we met online and carefully worked on a concept of fire detection. An architect engineer, a business consultant, a physicist, and a graphic designer for the actual win since we proudly got first place!

I connected with fellow participants and tutors who humbly do remarkable work and share the same perspectives in business life. I also made friends and valuable business acquaintances. With some of them, we aspire to work together!

I am happy to meet another non-profit organization that does what it says with good practice and ethics. Keep up the great job, guys, and stay awesome. Kudos!