Abdul Kalam said that “Building capacities dissolves differences. It irons our inequalities.” We believe in the inner potential of every individual and the ability to excel personally as well as professionally. Our Capacity building programmes will empower your people to the maximum. Check out what we do:

Training programmes on youth, women empowerment and entrepreneurship.
Our future lies on the potential of our youth and women. Why? Youth are the leaders of tomorrow. Women are likely to invest more back into their children’s education, family and community. Empowering those two target groups constitute a powerful tool for sustainable development. New employment trends come into the game, everything is changing so fast around us. Entrepreneurship has become the new trend and the way for people to solve problems and pay themselves. Do you want to prepare the entrepreneurs of the present and the future? Talk to us about it!

Life Skills Training programmes using non-formal education methodology.
It’s a fact! Technology is taking over and we embrace this. We learn to use technology as a tool to make our life and our business easier. However, have you thought about how people will communicate in 2050? We are getting used to our mobile phones and digital communication channels that we forget how to talk to people face to face. Our critical thinking, problem solving, cross-cultural, communication, collaboration, creativity, leadership, entrepreneurial and other Life skills have to be strengthened, in order to prepare the current and next generationfor the future! We mainly use non-formal education and experiential learning to make sure that the knowledge transfer is direct and sustainable. Would you like to empower the people of your community? Let us know and we will tailor-make a suitable programme for your needs!

Erasmus+ training.
Welcome to the world of Erasmus+! Are you not aware of what the programme is about? Would you like to know how you can be a part of it? Or would you like to know some tips on how to submit a good Erasmus+ proposal? Available programmes and scholarships are out there! Bring this programme to your University or CSO and change the lives of many!

Are you interested in Capacity Building?

Peter Kosgey Okeyo

Executive Director/Co-founder, Resource Hub for Development - Kenya

Edwin Kamalha

Lecturer, Busitema University, Department of Textile and Ginning Engineering

Duke Antwi Mensah Bonsu

Lecturer, Kumasi Technical University (KsTU)