Our Policies

The following policies and statements apply to all employees, business partners and representatives engaged by Youthmakers Hub.

All these documents are revised on a regular and/or needed basis. It is therefore important to visit this website occasionally during your engagement with us. If you have a query regarding any of the policies/documents, please contact us at info@youthmakershub.com

Ethics And Professional Conduct Standards

This document outlines Youthmakers Hub’s comprehensive standards for ethical conduct, ensuring integrity, transparency, and a safe environment. It defines expectations for staff behavior, reporting procedures, and accountability measures, fostering a culture of professionalism and ethical responsibility. Aligned with the organization’s values, these standards guide every individual associated with Youthmakers Hub towards maintaining the highest ethical standards in their endeavors.

Ethics and Professional Conduct Standards Policy (January 2023)

Survivor-Centered Approach

This document articulates Youthmakers Hub’s commitment to prioritizing the safety, dignity, and rights of survivors of sexual exploitation, abuse, and harassment (SEA-H). It outlines key elements, including immediate support, confidentiality, autonomy, and non-discrimination, shaping a comprehensive framework for a survivor-focused response. Emphasizing empathy and transparency, this approach ensures tailored support, reporting mechanisms, and continuous improvement to foster a culture of compassion and accountability within the organization.

Survivor-centered approach (January 2023)

Organizational Reporting Structures

This document delineates Youthmakers Hub’s organizational reporting structures, offering clarity on lines of communication and decision-making. It outlines the hierarchy, roles, and responsibilities within the organization, ensuring a transparent and efficient flow of information. Aligned with the organization’s values, this framework enhances accountability, collaboration, and effectiveness in achieving Youthmakers Hub’s mission and goals.

YMH Organizational Reporting Structures Policy (January 2023)

Accountability And Transparency

This document elucidates Youthmakers Hub’s commitment to accountability and transparency, establishing robust recruitment screening processes and accountable standard operating procedures for addressing SEA-H. It outlines the organization’s dedication to thorough employee vetting, referencing procedures, and due process principles to mitigate SEA-H risks. Aligned with industry standards, this framework ensures a secure and accountable environment, fostering trust and ethical practices within the organization.

YMH Accountability and Transparency Policy (January 2023)

Training And Raising Awareness

This document articulates Youthmakers Hub’s comprehensive approach to preventing Sexual Exploitation, Abuse, and Harassment (SEA-H) through mandatory training for all staff. It outlines the content, frequency, and inclusive nature of the training, including definitions, prohibitions, and actions required. Inspired by industry practices, this policy ensures a consistent and informed workforce, fostering a safe environment and proactive engagement in preventing SEA-H within the organization.

YMH Training and Raising Awareness Policy (January 2023)


Youthmakers Hub is dedicated to upholding the highest service delivery standards and compliance with all relevant policies, laws, rules, and regulations. To ensure accountability, our whistleblowing hotline facilitates reporting for possible illegal, unethical, or improper conduct when regular communication channels prove ineffective. This resource is available to all employees, clients, business partners, and those in a business relationship with MannionDaniels. We encourage the use of this hotline to report concerns related to corruption, fraud, human trafficking, slavery, safeguarding of children and young people, terrorism funding, and other violations associated with Youthmakers Hub, our personnel, and programs.

Whistleblowing Policy (January 2023)


This document outlines Youthmakers Hub’s commitment to ethical conduct, transparency, and accountability through its Anti-Fraud Policy. With a focus on preventing, detecting, and responding to fraudulent activities, the policy defines fraud broadly and emphasizes the responsibility of all individuals associated with the organization. Covering preventive measures, reporting mechanisms, investigation procedures, disciplinary actions, legal compliance, and a commitment to continuous improvement, this policy reflects Youthmakers Hub’s dedication to maintaining a fraud-free environment and pursuing its objectives with integrity and responsibility.

YMH Anti – Fraud Policy (January 2023)

Anti-Money Laundering

This document outlines Youthmakers Hub’s Anti-Money Laundering Policy, affirming the organization’s dedication to financial integrity and legal compliance. It establishes robust procedures for detection and prevention, ensuring adherence to applicable laws while protecting the organization, partners, and stakeholders from involvement in illicit activities. The policy assigns responsibilities, including oversight by a Compliance Officer, and incorporates protective measures such as due diligence, transaction monitoring, and regular AML training. A confidential reporting mechanism triggers prompt investigation, potentially involving external experts. Periodic risk assessments and policy updates underscore Youthmakers Hub’s commitment to ethical practices, transparency, and accountability, reinforcing the collective responsibility to prevent criminal activities and uphold organizational values.

Anti-money Laundering Policy (January 2023)

Bribery And Corruption 

This document outlines Youthmakers Hub’s Bribery and Corruption Policy, emphasizing the organization’s commitment to integrity. Applicable to all individuals, including leaders and volunteers, the policy prohibits bribery and corruption, establishing clear guidelines for ethical conduct. A zero-tolerance approach is adopted, with defined disciplinary actions for breaches. Criteria for acceptable gifts, hospitality, donations, and sponsorships ensure transparency. Reporting and whistleblowing procedures promote accountability, and regular training and monitoring mechanisms reinforce the commitment. The document concludes by emphasizing the collective responsibility to combat bribery and corruption, solidifying Youthmakers Hub’s reputation for trustworthiness and ethical best practices.

Bribery and Corruption Policy (January 2023)


This document outlines Youthmakers Hub’s Terrorism Policy, solidifying the organization’s commitment to global peace and community well-being. The policy enforces a zero-tolerance stance against terrorism, preventing any association with such activities. Responsibilities for leadership, employees, and volunteers are defined, with a Compliance Officer overseeing compliance and conducting regular risk assessments. Stringent due diligence processes for funding, partner assessments, and ongoing training contribute to a robust counter-terrorism approach. The policy includes a transparent reporting mechanism for immediate action on suspicions and emphasizes cooperation with authorities in investigations. Periodic reviews ensure adaptation to evolving threats and legal requirements. In conclusion, Youthmakers Hub firmly opposes terrorism, safeguarding its dedication to supporting youth and communities.

Terrorism Policy (January 2023)

Safeguarding Policy

This document outlines Youthmakers Hub’s safeguarding policy, focusing on creating a safe environment for young people in their programs. It defines safeguarding and abuse, emphasizes principles like prioritizing welfare and accountability, and details responsibilities for management, staff, and young people. Procedures cover recruitment, risk assessment, reporting, and confidentiality, with a commitment to regular review and updates. Adherence to the policy is mandatory for all members of Youthmakers Hub.

Safeduarding Policy (April 2024)