Creating social change through impact - driven projects in

Creating social change through impact - driven projects in

Europe & Africa

Europe & Africa

We cultivate a new generation of empowered young individuals who create positive change in their communities.

We create and disseminate impact!

YMH serves as a catalyst for social change by providing the necessary tools & knowledge and fostering collaborations in Europe and Africa.

Through capacity building and communication expertise, we empower organizations and individuals to unlock their full potential.

Capacity Building

Unlock your potential, explore new skills, and shape a brighter future with YMH’s transformative training programs, workshops, and hackathons.

Communication & Dissemination

Inspire, engage, and captivate your audience through our cutting-edge communication and dissemination services, making a lasting impact that resonates.


Our tailored programs equip you with skills to thrive, while our innovative strategies amplify your message, inspiring your target audience. Join us on this transformative journey, where collaboration knows no boundaries and your impact knows no limits.

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