European Solidarity Corps Project

Post Co(Vi)ding Academy

Post Co(vi)ding Academy aims to empower Greek Youth (17-19 years old) who reside in the region of Attica and have not succeeded in the national exams during the 2020 examination period, but also students that are studying subjects that either aren’t in their area of interest or are irrelevant to the current and future job market. The project will provide high-quality and interactive virtual courses covering various digital skills such as Web development, HTML, Java, Cybersecurity, and more.

The training seminars that will take place under this programme are:

In Greek reality, final exams are the only way for a successful career. However, we have young people that have different stories to tell. Successful in their sector, they share their stories with the audience.

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  1. Overview of Java, Install JDK, and set up IntelliJ IDEA
  2. Basic Programming
  3. Introduction to Java Object-Oriented Programming
  4. Conditionals and Loops in Java Programming.

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The participants learn how to create a website using the WordPress platform, considered the world’s most popular content management system, as the free, open-source software powers more than 30 percent of the world wide web. 

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The Training Seminar includes an Introduction to web development, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The emphasis is given to HTML since it is essential to create something on the web and then continue with CSS and JavaScript to improve formatting on the web page and make it interactive. 

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This Training Seminar explains cybersecurity and the scale and types of cyber threats. Examples are given about everyday exposure to cyber threats, and solutions are introduced on how someone could protect themselves in the cyber world. 

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The participants develop presentation skills, structure presentations for maximum impact, and improve verbal and non-verbal communication. The training seminar covers all the fundamental aspects of public speaking:

  • How to structure your talk with a proper Opening, Corpus, and Closing.
  • How to handle Q&A and verbal communication.
  • How to create visuals.

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Training Activities


1/3/2021 – 28/2/2022


€ 7.644,00

National Agency


Youthmakers Hub (YMH)