Youthmakers Hub Takes the Stage: AfriConEU at the 5th Erasmus+ International Staff Week | June 2023

On June 14th, Youthmakers Hub had the incredible opportunity to represent the AfriConEU Project, “The First Transcontinental Networking Academy for African and European Digital Innovation Hubs,” at the prestigious 5th Erasmus+ International Staff Week. The event centered around internationalization through European projects, research, and innovation.

During this momentous occasion, Georgianna Chondrou, our dedicated Communications Lead, took the stage to share the remarkable journey of AfriConEU. She highlighted the project’s pivotal role in bringing Africa and Europe together through capacity-building, knowledge-sharing, and the establishment of robust networks. As the WP Leaders, Georgia-Anna underscored the significance of effective communication in spreading the project’s profound impact.

Youthmakers Hub’s representation at the 5th Erasmus+ International Staff Week was a testament to our commitment to promoting global collaboration and fostering meaningful connections. We are honored to be part of such transformative initiatives that bridge continents and pave the way for a more interconnected and innovative future.