Youthmakers Hub accredited with the Quality Label by the Youth and Lifelong Learning Foundation | December 2020

In a significant accomplishment, Youthmakers Hub has proudly received accreditation with the Quality Label, which serves as an organization’s key to entry into the European Solidarity Corps. The endeavors pertaining to hosting volunteers align seamlessly with the overarching mission of the European Solidarity Corps, which revolves around uniting young individuals to construct a more inclusive society and provide assistance to vulnerable populations. The organization’s activities provide an inspiring and empowering experience for young individuals who are eager to contribute, learn, and grow. These activities embody the values of solidarity, respect for human dignity, and human rights. The organization strives to strengthen the spirit of solidarity among individuals who are willing to make a contribution to society, emphasizing cooperation and mutual understanding. This represents an effort to enhance the connections between individuals who are motivated to contribute and demonstrate solidarity.