Youthmakers Hub has participated as a Communication Partner in the exhibition “Η Πορεία της Γραμμής”, where pieces of engraving art created by Panagiotis Pristouris, have been shown to the public. The exhibition was organized by My Artist and co-organized by the Epigraphic Museum, and it was the first fully accessible art exhibition in Athens.

In the exhibition, 21 pieces of engraving art have been presented, showcasing 3 different phases of the artist’s life. In the framework of the creation of this exhibition, the organizers have made important adjustments for it to be as accessible as possible for every human being, using QR Codes leading to audiovisual material such as sign language interpretation and descriptions provided as voice-overs by the artist. Some of the exhibits are available to the audience to be touched, while a sensory map has been provided for the people on the autism spectrum.

It was a great honor to be there and support such an important initiative.