Workshop “How to write my CV? Essential tips to stand out.” | December 2023

On December 7th, Youthmakers Hub actively participated in a significant initiative aligned with the European Year of Skills 2023. This initiative was organized by Europe Direct ELIAMEP Attica and WeFor, who jointly curated a compelling series of experiential workshops titled “Digital Skills for the Future.”

In this collaborative endeavor, Youthmakers Hub played a pivotal role, contributing expertise and insights by facilitating a workshop on “How to write my CV? Essential tips to stand out”. More particularly, Pinelopi Katsigianni, the Project Manager of Youthmakers Hub, and Georgia Anna Chondrou, the Communications Lead of Youthmakers Hub, took center stage, guiding participants through the intricacies of crafting an impactful CV and shedding light on the nuances of aligning one’s resume with the specific needs of coveted job applications. The workshop not only equipped attendees with practical insights into CV writing but also underscored the significance of digital skills in the ever-evolving landscape of the professional sphere.

The partnership between Youthmakers Hub, Europe Direct ELIAMEP Attica, and WeFor exemplifies a concerted effort to address the evolving landscape of professional skills. By actively engaging in this initiative, Youthmakers Hub enriched the workshop experience. It demonstrated a shared dedication to advancing digital skills in the context of the European Year of Skills 2023.