The National Agency for Youth in Greece Invites Us to Spark Inspiration | March 2023

The Youthmakers Hub team was thrilled to participate in the “Sparks for Solidarity” event, hosted at the Wyndham Grand Athens Hotel by the Youth and Lifelong Learning Foundation (INEDIVIM). INEDIVIM is a key player in the implementation and evaluation of European programs aimed at adults, young people, and vulnerable social groups, including the European Solidarity Corps.

The event was a vibrant showcase of the diverse work carried out by organizations involved in the European Solidarity Corps program. The methods of presentation varied, with some opting for experiential workshops or interactive games, others sharing volunteer testimonials, and some, like Youthmakers Hub, presenting projects rooted in volunteerism and solidarity.

Our co-founder and project coordinator, Marilena Maragkou, took the stage to share two of our initiatives: “Be Gr-In” and “Digital Literacy For Seniors” (DLFS). “Be Gr-In” is focused on educating the youth of Kallithea and Athens about environmental conservation and sustainable development. DLFS, on the other hand, addresses the widespread issue of digital illiteracy among seniors (50-70 years old) in the Attica region. Marilena provided a comprehensive overview of the projects’ objectives, activities, and outcomes, supplemented by a video featuring feedback from DLFS participants.

“Sparks for Solidarity” served as a valuable platform for us and other participants to deepen our understanding of each other’s work and projects. It was a celebration of volunteerism and solidarity, attended by a diverse range of organizations including Sports and Cultural Lab, Hives Project, NDI Social Enterprise, Esai en Roi, InterMediaKT, United Societies of Balkans, Epirus Youth Centre, Praxis, Growth Hub, GO Alive, KISSAMOS SOCIAL SPOT (KISS), Hellenic Youth Participation, Network for Children’s Rights.