Sumare Peter Kaitet: A Maasai in Greece with Youthmakers Hub

My name is Sumare Peter Kaitet. I am 29 years old from Kenya. I’m a Master’s student at Kenyatta University, pursuing a degree in Tourism Management. I am currently working at Enkewa Camp, and I also run my own tour company called Mara Enkopang Safaris. My dream is to make my company reputable not only in Kenya but also in the East Africa region.

I got really involved in the Youthmakers Hub activities after learning of the great work they were doing.

I first learned about Youthmakers Hub through a friend who had gone to Greece for studies, and luckily, he got a chance to be trained by them. In February 2020, I got a scholarship to study in Greece at the University of Piraeus through a partnership between my home university and Youthmakers Hub. When I landed in Greece, I was welcomed by Youthmakers Hub and they introduced me to the organization and its vision.

The most significant aspect for me was YMH’s support in showcasing my Maasai culture in Greece. 

The highlight was our visit to the Kenyan consulate office in Greece with YMH, where we established collaborations and engaged in various activities. Through visits to Greek universities, we fostered valuable connections. Importantly, we raised awareness about YMH by organizing shows, featuring traditional performances that were crucial in highlighting my Maasai culture in Greece.

The guidance and mentorship from Marilena and Konstantinos in the field of project management have been pivotal in honing my skills, specifically in project development and planning. 

These acquired skills have played a crucial role in empowering me to establish my own tour company. In the contemporary world, the significance of effective communication, teamwork, problem-solving, adaptability, and time management cannot be overstated.

I have applied many skills that I learned with Youthmakers Hub in my community. 

I have also started an organization that helps children in need. At the moment, I have identified about ten students and have been able to get sponsors for them in their studies. It is out of those skills that I learned with Youthmakers Hub that helped me create this organization. Also, the creation of Mara Enkopang Safaris has not only provided employment opportunities but has also integrated three of my friends into the company, collaborating to manage its operations. 

My time at Youthmakers Hub has been immensely influential in catalyzing the formation of these two crucial projects, significantly impacting the local community. 

Additionally, I’ve dedicated efforts to assist other non-profit organizations in elevating the overall welfare of the community where I reside. 

A huge thank you to Youthmakers Hub. I learned a lot through your programs, which provided me with skills which I’ve applied in order to bring my projects to life.