Shaping the Future: Young Citizens and Their Role in Today’s European Context in Greece | February 2023

The workshop, which was held under the theme “The role of being a young citizen in Greece in today’s European Context,” aimed to explore the challenges and opportunities available to young citizens in Greece in the current European context. The event was organized by Youthmakers Hub and Ecogenia, in collaboration with the Municipal Youth Council of Thessaloniki, as part of the Erasmus+ nEU Citizenship project, which was funded by the National Agency of Greece.

The workshop took place at Space Lab, a modern venue located in the heart of Thessaloniki, and was opened by Marilena Maragkou, our Co-founder and Project Coordinator. Marilena welcomed the audience and gave an overview of the project, after which Erika Spagakou, Co-founder of Ecogenia, and Mario Sapountzaki, President of the Municipal Youth Council of Thessaloniki, provided a brief introduction.

The first part of the workshop was a panel discussion, moderated by Erika Spagakou, that brought together representatives from the political stage, local subsidiarity, and civil society organizations. The panel consisted of Thanasis Glavinas, President of Pasok – Kinima Allagis & parliamentary candidate at B’ Thessaloniki, Katerina Notopoulou, Member of Parliament for Syriza, Anna Efthymiou, Member of Parliament for Nea Democratia & Lawyer, Nikos Zeibekis, Deputy Mayor of Sports, Youth and Volunteerism Thessaloniki, and Magda Bakali, Project Manager & Researcher at Stimmuli For Social Change. The panelists discussed the skills required for the 21st century, the challenges faced by young people in Greece today, and the opportunities available to them from Europe.