Shaping a sustainable future in the EU through European Elections | 26 January 2024

On January 26th, Youthmakers Hub facilitated a Euroclass as a dynamic platform for young visionaries committed to eco-sustainability within the European context. This Euroclass was facilitated by Pinelopi Katsigianni, Project Manager at Youthmakers Hub, at the 1st Evening Vocational High School of Tavros in the context of the EU Elections 2024, funded by Eurodesk and the EU. The dialogue unveiled how youth could leverage the EU’s sustainability efforts, emphasizing the importance of individual impact assessment in everyday life. 

Key elements of the European Green Deal were dissected, revealing strategies aimed at energy transition, eco-friendly transportation, and sustainable agriculture. The debate emphasized voting power in European elections, urging participants to elect representatives committed to an eco-friendly policy agenda. It concluded with a call to enhance community engagement, highlighting the synergistic effect of informed and active European citizens in driving policy changes towards sustainability.

As the dialogue progressed, the importance of voting in European elections was highlighted, pointing out that electing representatives who prioritize environmental policies is a potent way for citizens to influence the EU’s ecological direction. The discussion concluded on an empowering note, highlighting the influence of youth in shaping an environmentally conscious society by participating in EU elections and advocating for green policy changes.