Good Practises

“Post Co(vi)ding Academy: A Story of Excellence in 2021”

In March 2022, our initiative, the “Post Co(vi)ding Academy,” received a glowing evaluation from the Youth and Lifelong Learning Foundation. Scoring an impressive 93 out of 100 points, the program was recognized as a “Good Practice.” The report confirmed that we, at Youthmakers Hub, successfully implemented the initiative as part of the European Solidarity Corps Program. The program’s alignment with its proposed action plan was certified, and participant feedback underscored the positive impact it had, highlighting the valuable skills and knowledge they gained. The report also commended our team’s internal organization and management, praising our ability to deliver high-quality results and effectively handle unexpected situations. The dissemination of the project’s context and results was also noted as exceptional. In conclusion, the “Post Co(vi)ding Academy” was not only a success but also a model of “Good Practice.” We’re proud of this recognition and the positive impact we’ve made.

You can read the report from the Youth and Lifelong Learning Foundation here.