Time to Move

The Time to Move campaign is an annual initiative organized by the Eurodesk network across Europe in October. It features various online and physical events. The primary objective is to engage with European youth and inform them about the opportunities for overseas learning mobility.

Time to Move 2022

Youthmakers Hub, in partnership with the Municipality of Kallithea and local high schools aim to inform students aged 13-18 about volunteering and educational opportunities offered through the Eurodesk network. The event employs a non-formal approach, allowing students to interact with previous beneficiaries of these opportunities, inspiring and motivating them to get involved in similar initiatives.

Youthmakers Hub collaborates with universities in Athens, including the University of Piraeus, aiming to inform students about volunteering and training opportunities within the Eurodesk network. The non-formal approach allows students to receive information and engage with previous beneficiaries of these opportunities, inspiring and motivating them to participate in similar actions.

Youthmakers Hub, in partnership with local municipal bodies in Kallithea, hosts an informative event, aiming to introduce local institutions and young individuals to the Eurodesk network and its opportunities, encouraging them to advocate for these initiatives. The event facilitates networking and discussions among attendees, including beneficiaries of network opportunities and representatives from the Youth Foundation and Lifelong Learning, with 40 participants.


Time to Move 2023

The “Eco Citizenship Training” equips young Greeks aged 18-30 with green and social skills to embrace eco-citizenship and incorporate environmental protection into their daily lives. The training program features practical activities like green space regeneration, fostering a direct connection with nature. Participants gain valuable teamwork, public speaking, and project management skills, promoting an active and engaged approach to ecological citizenship.

The “Digital Tools for Active Youth Participation” training empowers participants by providing them with essential digital skills for active involvement in political matters. The training demonstrates how young people use digital literacy to enhance civic participation and effect positive change in their communities. Participants learn about digital tools, social media strategies, online campaigning, digital storytelling, and Erasmus+ Opportunities to amplify their voices.


October 2022

October 2023