KA210- YOU – Small-scale partnerships in youth


Refl’Action focuses mainly on using Reflection as a practice to promote the well-being and transferability of learning to empower young people and promote an active lifestyle aimed at conscious growth. Through practical activities, both digital and on the ground, the project strives to achieve the transferability of reflective practices in daily life. The project aims to promote well-being, active participation in community life, the development of digital skills, and the strengthening of the sense of belonging to the European Union.

The activities under this programme are:

The objectives are to get to know each other, build strong communication, discuss, plan the activities, and set a common framework for the project’s main topic, reflection in the context of learning. Essential aspects of the project are presented, such as the scientific research, the communication and dissemination plan, and the characteristics of the target groups in each country. At the same time, through non-formal educational activities, the project designers have the chance to experience the benefits of reflective practices and a better understanding of what they should do to transfer the knowledge and the tools to future participants.

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A thorough research is done about reflective practices and how to bring them from the theoretical context to practical implementation. The Refl’Action Consortium identifies techniques to get reflection permanently within the individual training cycle. 

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This Activity includes events at a local level. These events are focused on the moment of reflection, and evaluation questionnaires followed. These questionnaires are administered at the end of the Activity, and subsequently, objectives and accurate data on the impact of reflective practices on the participants are collected.

The Hackathon is an online event lasting 48 hours during which numerous initiatives are organized, such as webinars with pedagogical experts to deepen the knowledge and applicability of reflective practices in training courses, interactive tables with the protagonists of the project to deepen the issues brought forward and the results of the research, interactive activities with transnational participants on the project topics, as well as webinars on the opportunities of the Erasmus+ program to approach a new audience.

This training is organized in Italy and is a joint staff training capacity-building event for trainers who work in the education field and can use reflective practices. The goals of the event are to share good practices to facilitate individual and group reflection, share the first draft of data collection with the trainers participating, brainstorm ideas and suitable methods to promote well-being through reflection, and strengthen Consortium partnership.

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This practice brief consists of a book of 61 pages where all the results of the project’s research are collected. This practice brief is available in English, Italian, French, and Greek. It is printed and available in PDF version on the project’s website, all of the partner’s websites, and on EU platforms. 

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This report includes all stages of the project, preparation, implementation, and evaluation, and it is also available on the projects’ and partners’ websites.

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1/12/2021 – 31/5/2023


€ 60.000,00

National Agency