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nEU Citizenship

nEU Citizenship is a project focused on activating Greek youth’s civic engagement to serve as multipliers of European priorities and the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals on local, national, and regional levels. Through a series of online, phygital, and in-person activities, the project aims to equip Greek youth (18 to 28 y.o.) with the tools and skills to act on sustainable development, civic engagement, and E.U. priorities through the lens of sustainable development and digitization. The main scope of this project takes place in the remote areas of Dorida, located in Central Greece, and Chania, in Crete. Through the organized activities, the participants learn about civic engagement topics, how someone can be more engaged, and how this ethos can be instilled into their daily life.

The activities of this project are:

This 5-day training is for young members of the Greek community to reassess what “civic engagement” actually stands for in the Greek and European contexts. Throughout this event, participants are asked to co-work with one another and as teams: 

  • to debate about what it mean to be civically engaged
  • to contemplate why some fellow citizens may not participate in the public affairs
  • to address the needs of our societies
  • to propound solutions
  • to advance these proposals into practice

The central axis of all these assignments is sustainability. 

You can see the full video of the event here

A two-day training seminar is organized in October 2022 in Athens, Greece, titled “Using Digital Tools for Civic Engagement.” The event equips young members of the Greek community with essential digital strategies for impactful civic engagement. The participants delve into case studies and practical tools, igniting discussions on the significance of civic involvement in Greek society. The second day features inspiring talks by Stefanos Loukopoulos from Vouliwatch, followed by brainstorming sessions, where attendees develop their own digital campaign ideas. The seminar fosters a new wave of digitally savvy and socially conscious young leaders, determine to create positive change in their local communities.

The main aim of this 5-day training mobility is for young members of the Greek community to delve into the issue of “civic engagement” and adjust it at the Greek and European levels from the sustainability perspective. The training applies the same content and structure as the one in Dorida but adapts it to the local context of Chania.

The first day of the training is introductory. Through non-formal activities (energizers, icebreakers), participants have the opportunity to get to know each other better and get informed about the mission of both hosting organizations. The main focus of the second day is to adapt “civic engagement” to the Greek context through non-formal education practices. The participants can find tangible examples of active citizenship in Greece and the EU, understand better the whole process of applying for an ESC project as an informal group of young people, adapt the procedure of advocacy at the local level of Chania, and trace back the reasons why Greece is a straggler in terms of sustainability.

The third day is dedicated to a better understanding of climate change and misinformation. On the fourth day, experts on climate and the environment share their knowledge and experience. On the event’s last day, cohorts work in groups and brainstorm ideas on how they would change the city of Chania if they had an unlimited budget. In their pitch, they propose many ideas and solutions that could be implemented in Chania to make the city more sustainable and functional. Finally, time is dedicated to a team conversation on the program’s first week’s results.

You can see the full video of the event here

This workshop motivates participants to discuss their challenges in studies, skills development, career opportunities, access to general opportunities and services, and learn new tools for searching and finding opportunities. More specifically, the event starts with an energizer for the participants who have to discuss in groups the thoughts, feelings, and hesitations they might have about applying to a European opportunity. Tips and information are given on applications. 

Then, European skills development opportunities are presented, such as the Erasmus+ Youth Exchanges & Training Courses, the European Solidarity Corps Volunteering Programme, the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs, and the European Youth Card. The participants also have the chance to express their questions and thoughts and discuss how these opportunities fit their needs.

The workshop, under the theme “The role of being a young citizen in Greece in today’s European Context,” explores the challenges and opportunities available to young citizens in Greece in the current European context. The event is organized in collaboration with the Municipal Youth Council of Thessaloniki. The workshop takes place at Space Lab, a modern venue located in the heart of Thessaloniki. The first part of the workshop is a panel discussion that brings together representatives from the political stage, local subsidiarity, and civil society organizations. The panelists discuss the skills required for the 21st century, the challenges faced by young people in Greece today, and the opportunities available to them from Europe.

The second part of the workshop is a fast-paced coffee chat, where the participants are divided into smaller groups to discuss their experiences, challenges, and opportunities in the fields of culture, environment, social politics, and entrepreneurship. This provided an opportunity for a deeper understanding of what it means to be a young citizen in Greece in today’s European context.

You can watch the YouTube video of the workshop here

In May 2023 the project’s last activity is held at the University of Piraeus. Entitled “Transform your idea into a project with EU,” this activity consists of two training sessions to educate students about the European Solidarity Corps Programme, guide them through the project design process, and ultimately submit their funding proposals. The importance of answering critical questions before submitting a proposal and finding the right team to support the project is underlined. 

During the second training session, participants work in groups to brainstorm and develop an idea for a solidarity project. The trainer guides them in refining their ideas into feasible project proposals that can receive funding. This training gave students valuable skills and knowledge in project planning and proposal writing. It allows them to develop their ideas and potentially positively impact their communities through the ESC program. 

You can find more information here

The two-day “Climathon Chania 2022” takes place in Chania, Crete. The main aim of this 2-day Climathon is for young members of the Greek community to participate in a marathon of ideas to come up with sustainable solutions on tackling environmental challenges in their city. 

In particular, the three main challenges are sustainable transportation, sustainable tourism, and waste management. “Athena”​ Research and Innovation Center, which runs the EIT Climate-KIC Hub Greece, co-organized the event. It is noted that Climathon Chania 2022 is supported by the Municipality of Chania

You can watch the YouTube video of the Climathon here



1/3/2022 – 31/8/2023


€ 60.000

National Agency


Ecogenia, Youthmakers Hub (YMH)