KA210- YOU – Small-scale partnerships in youth

Green Netiquette

Green Netiquette’s primary objective is to support the promotion of environmentally-conscious netiquette as a vital transversal skill and competence and environmentally conscious practice, but also address the challenges of our changing world. The project aims to raise awareness and advocate for responsible and sustainable practices in digital technologies. It employs a bottom-up approach, engaging youth and youth workers in practical activities inspired by “learning by doing.” The project emphasizes collaboration and inclusivity, aiming to unite diverse stakeholders from different backgrounds. By promoting dialogue, exchanging ideas, and encouraging active participation from all stakeholders, the project creates a platform for collaboration and cooperation. It recognizes the significance of sustainable development and endeavors to contribute to a better future by fostering cooperation, amplifying diverse voices, and driving positive change toward a sustainable future. Its mission is to promote sustainable practices, empower stakeholders, and leave a lasting impact.

The activities of this project are:

  1. Management and Quality Assurance
  2. Training of Moderators
  3. Public debates on digital platform
  4. Booklet on best practices
  5. Dissemination Strategy and Final Conference