KA210- YOU – Small-scale partnerships in youth

EUth Voices for Social Change

EUth Voices for Social Change aims to instill in participants a sense of power to be visible and heard locally or nationally and at the European level as active members of a more comprehensive, global community. Besides, the project’s reasoning is based on the need for young people to feel a sense of community and belonging, allowing more profound integration. In addition, the project focuses on empowering youth through digital means and storytelling methodologies like podcasting. It is also worth mentioning that at least 60% of the beneficiaries are women.

The activities of this project are:

From 21 to 25 November 2022 the preparatory meeting of the project takes place in Turin, Italy. Trainers and professionals from the Consortium participate in this transnational training, aiming to exchange good practices and develop a frame of reference within which to progress. The program is structured to share mutual knowledge activities and good practices on the thematics of the project: capacity building, inclusivity and accessibility, and the use of digital tools in youth-women empowerment. Then, for the successful implementation of the project, it is decided that a common terminology language is necessary. On the third and fourth day, trainers and organizers focus on planning the event activities and give mutual feedback. The closing day is based on the experiential learning methodology.

This Activity consists of a series of three webinars. The first webinar covers the Erasmus+ Programmes Youth Exchanges and Training Courses, the European Solidarity Corps Volunteering program, and the Erasmus+ for people with disabilities, and provides attendees with access to resources and tools, as well as tips for the application process. In the second webinar, the participants are introduced to the priorities and ESC guide for 2023, as well as to the phases that applicants should follow as well as tips and case studies of funded projects.

At the end of the event participants also have the opportunity to explore the application platform and to go through some details concerning the submission of proposals. In the third webinar insights on the duration of this internship, the essential information about the application, tips on how to be ready to apply and testimonials from previous interns  are shared with the participants. In the second part of the webinar, the participants are introduced to Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme, as well as  business activities, the monthly financial support and who can participate.

You can watch the webinars here

On March 15th, 2022, the Consortium participates in the first internal podcast training session online. The purpose is to equip the partners with theoretical and practical knowledge about podcasting and provide essential technical information regarding the upcoming training. The first meeting is titled “Train the Partners,” and the training is divided into four main topics, which include an introduction to podcasts, planning, preparing podcast content, recording and post-production, and promotion and publication.

During the session, the partners are allowed to enhance their skills and knowledge in podcasting. They are provided with practical tips on how to create high-quality podcast content. After the training, the partners meet to discuss upcoming online activities, technical support, and the implementation of transnational podcast trainings, which have Italian, Greek, and Spanish participants.

  • Physical Podcast Training, Las Palmas 

The Consortium participates in the physical training event held in Las Palmas of Gran Canaria, Spain, on June 20th and 21st. The event revolves around the captivating theme of “Meeting of Digital Skills and Storytelling,” intending to equip young individuals with essential tools to create impactful narratives in the digital realm.

Day 1: Exploring Storytelling and Technical Tips

Participants delve into storytelling techniques and learn how to enhance their narratives through photography and videography tips.

Day 2: Training on Storytelling Guidelines and Interactive Activity

Training sessions cover innovative storytelling methods and emphasize ethical practices. The event also explores the relationship between social media, ethics, and the impact of Artificial Intelligence. Participants engage in an interactive activity, creating presentations on various themes.

  • Physical Training, Raches, Greece 

A two-day workshop entitled “Greening the Digital Revolution” aims to collectively explore the impact of digital tools on the environment and our world.

Day 1: “Let’s Get Digital – Innovative Storytelling Through Digital Media”

Participants delve into crafting compelling narratives using various digital mediums, including social media, blogs, and podcasts. They learn to blend data-driven facts with evocative storytelling techniques to capture the public’s attention and inspire change. At the workshop’s conclusion, teams are tasked with creating their own stories using only emojis to raise awareness about social issues and call for collective action.

Day 2: “Greening the Digital Revolution”

Participants delve into how digital technology positively and negatively impacts the environment. The workshop underscores the importance of ethical and sustainable digital practices, considering factors such as carbon footprint, electronic waste, and energy consumption associated with the digital world.

These two days mark a significant step towards a more sustainable digital future, fostering a global community committed to using technology as a catalyst for positive environmental and social change. With increased awareness and knowledge, the digital age is evolving into a greener and more conscious revolution, ensuring a harmonious coexistence with our planet and its inhabitants.

  • 2-day Workshop in Turin: An inclusive and sustainable future 

A workshop entitled “ An inclusive and sustainable future” unfolded over two dynamic days, initiating with a morning of friendly welcomes and clever icebreakers designed to knit a diverse group of participants into a tight-knit community ready to engage with the challenging themes ahead. The first workshop delved into creating an accessible future for all, particularly addressing the needs of those with disabilities, invigorating the group with a sense of purpose and inclusivity. This was seamlessly followed by an exploration into the sustainability challenges within the fashion industry, compelling everyone to critically assess and drive change in their consumption habits. The following day offered a cultural infusion, starting with the inspiring Maria Callas exhibition, transitioning into a playful yet enlightening citywide treasure hunt, and culminating with poignant poetry lectures that resonated deeply with the themes of identity and societal contribution, leaving each participant emboldened to become active agents of change within their respective communities.


1/10/2022 – 31/3/2024


€ 60.000

National Agency


Fundación Farrah, Microkosmos, Youthmakers Hub (YMH)