Euroclasses is an initiative by Eurodesk that aims to raise awareness of European opportunities among young individuals. Delivered through non-formal methods, these classes encompass various thematic modules. Designed to be impartial and purely informational, the classes provide a platform for disseminating fundamental details on European subjects. By encouraging participants to explore new horizons and contemplate societal challenges, Euroclasses aim to create a space for knowledge-sharing and reflection.

The Euroclass aims at enhancing participants’ understanding of EU structures and policies, fostering a deeper connection between them and the EU. It empowers them to actively play a role in shaping their collective future. It includes geographical challenges, a comprehensive overview of EU institutions, the tangible effects of EU actions on european citizens’ daily lives and a creative expression segment, with participants crafting banners that convey messages to the EU, providing a platform for them to voice their opinions on potential changes at various levels.

This Euroclass focuses on the European dimension of sustainability, bringing to light the critical role citizens play within this framework and engaging participants in a discussion about the EU’s current environmental trajectory. It underscores the significance of sustainable citizenship within the EU framework, analyzing the collective efforts needed to shape a more sustainable environment. The conversation steers towards the EU’s policies and initiatives to combat climate change, manage waste, and enhance biodiversity. As the dialogue progresses, the importance of voting in European elections is highlighted, pointing out that electing representatives who prioritize environmental policies is a potent way for citizens to influence the EU’s ecological direction.


01/09/2023 – 30/04/2024