KA154 -YOU – Youth participation activities


EcoActiZenship encourages youth to become more civically engaged while enhancing their digital background and identity as active eco-citizens of this world. Italian and Greek youth get familiarized with active citizenship and civic engagement through activities linked to nature and training dedicated explicitly to digital literacy. Through digital and on-the-ground practical activities, the project empowers and educates the future agents of social change, getting them to know and experience the importance of civic engagement through the lens of sustainability, eco-friendly practices, and digitalization.

The activities under this programme are:

From 2022 to 2023, the Consortium participates in the first mobility of the project entitled “Training for trainers” in Sicily, Italy. The activities aim to enhance civic engagement while developing our identity as environmentally conscious citizens. In the training, various informal methods highlight the relationship between people and the natural environment and the importance of incorporating environmentally friendly and sustainable practices into everyday routines.

Participants and team members from Italy and Greece provide feedback. They are encouraged to brainstorm ideas and methods for promoting actions that people can do individually and as a community to promote environmentally responsible, socially equitable, and economically viable behaviors and practices that promote long-term ecological balance and human well-being. By adopting sustainable practices, we learn that individuals, communities, and businesses can contribute to preserving the planet and the well-being of present and future generations.

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a) The “Youth-friendly content for social media & TikTok” webinar, organized by Eurodesk Brussels on June 7th 2023 and led by Georgianna Chondrou and Eleni Modou of Youthmakers Hub, equips participants with valuable insights into effectively engaging young audiences on Instagram. They emphasize tailoring content to the preferences of young people, offer practical advice on optimizing posts and stories, such as using eye-catching visuals, relevant hashtags, and authentic storytelling. They also stress the importance of user-generated content to foster a sense of involvement. The session is highly interactive, with participants actively seeking advice, creating a collaborative learning environment. 

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b) During the “Use of AI & digital tools in personal branding” webinar, various aspects of personal branding are explored, focusing on crafting effective CVs, motivational letters, LinkedIn profiles, and the transformative potential of AI tools like ChatGPT to enhance one’s professional image. 

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The Capacity Building Mobility in Italy emphasizes practical activities to empower participants towards a brighter future. The journey kicks off by building trust through ice-breakers and team exercises, fostering open communication. The second day focuses on practical knowledge for sustainable living, promoting habits that connect individuals with the environment. The third day delves into environmental issues, highlighting our role in safeguarding the planet. The event concludes with reflective sessions, solidifying commitments to sustainable living and community trust-building. Participants pledge to carry these values forward, creating a positive ripple effect in their communities.

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The Capacity Building mobility in Raches, Greece, begins on the first day with ice-breaking activities and introductions, setting the stage for the days ahead. A vibrant community quickly forms among participants, all sharing a common aspiration to become Eco-Citizens. The group’s team spirit is built on their love for adventure and nature. The program comprises engaging sessions on storytelling and invaluable insights into two crucial aspects of eco-activism: carbon footprint reduction and e-waste management.

Exciting workshops follow, where participants learn how to craft reusable notebooks and manufacture eco-friendly pads under the guidance of Wheeling2Help, a dedicated organization committed to making a positive global impact. These hands-on experiences empower everyone to create their sustainable stationery. 

The outcome of this mobility is a transformative experience that not only enhances participants’ ecological awareness but also nurtures a deep bond with nature through the exploration of Raches’ captivating waterfalls, leaving them equipped with the knowledge, tools, and a determined mindset to catalyze positive change in the world.

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During the “Transform Your Idea into a Project with EU” webinar, participants bring their innovative ideas to life with the support of EU funding, inform them about the European Solidarity Corps Programme, guide them through the project design process, and help them prepare funding proposals.

Our speaker, Spyridoula Loukopoulou, emphasizes the importance of addressing critical questions before submitting a proposal and finding the right team to support the project. Participants are divided into groups to collaborate and brainstorm ideas for solidarity projects. Under the guidance of Spyridoula, they refine their ideas into feasible project proposals that can receive funding.

The webinar is proving to be a resounding success, with participants gaining a deeper understanding of the European Solidarity Corps Programme and the project development process. It gives them the tools and knowledge to create impactful projects and secure funding. This success underscores the value of such educational initiatives in empowering young individuals to contribute to their communities and promote solidarity actively.

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The Roundtable Discussion activity is a vibrant confluence of ideas centered on sustainable living and environmental stewardship. Participants delve into the essence of sustainable citizenship, emphasizing the profound impact of individual actions on the global ecosystem. The discussion highlights the European Union’s struggles and strides towards sustainability, discussing the challenges of carbon footprints, waste management, and biodiversity loss. Concrete EU initiatives are examined, like the European Green Deal’s ambitious plan for carbon neutrality by 2050. The role of circular economy practices is underscored, illustrating how individual choices in recycling, waste reduction, and sustainable consumption can significantly influence environmental outcomes. The session concludes with participants reflecting on personal commitments to reduce their environmental footprint, advocating for a collective push towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

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1/12/2022 – 31/5/2024


€ 60.000,00

National Agency


IO PER L’ALTRO (IPA), Youthmakers Hub (YMH)