European Solidarity Corps Project

Be Gr-In

Be Gr-In aims to educate youth (18-35) residing in Kallithea and Athens about environmental protection and sustainable development. The project activities seek to raise awareness about the uniqueness of the natural environment and the importance and ways of nature protection. Furthermore, the participants will be educated on how they can contribute to sustainable development and entrepreneurship and how this is connected with mental health. Engaging the target groups in green events, educational activities, and info material can promote knowledge about these environmental issues and help the authorities in their work.

The activities under this programme are:

This activity shared tips for leading a “greener” and more sustainable everyday life, mainly through Instagram and Facebook. During this campaign, the team members share several tips, alternative initiatives for youth and other age groups.

You can find tips for Sustainability here

The participants receive training on adopting an easy, economical, eco-friendly lifestyle. One of the critical aspects of this workshop is that it highlighted the potential impact of being informed on becoming a sustainable consumer. An expert on the topic is invited to discuss the latest environmental-friendly trends, resolve regular environment-related questions, and shed light on sustainability myths.

You can watch the video here

This webinar underlines the vital link between life in a healthy environment and well-being, which is based on scientific data. Experts show how developing a “green thumb” can positively affect mental health and introduce participants to activities to improve their mood and environment. 

You can watch the video here

This campaign shares tips for coming closer to nature. The audience gets to know several green places close to them that are worth visiting, as well as sustainable initiatives in their neighborhoods. During this campaign, the audience also receives information about ways to transform their houses into greener environments. The campaign mainly takes place through Instagram and Facebook and lasts for one month. 

You can find more about the campaign here

Animation videos are customized for the target audience and serve as an extension of the marketing material created for the project. The animation videos simplify complex information, enabling the target audience to understand and gain knowledge. The topics of the animation videos are sustainability and creating a greener environment.

You can watch the videos here:

Sustainable Lifestyle: Tips and Ideas

Greener Environment: Tips and Ideas



1/11/2021 – 31/10/2022


€ 7.644,00

National Agency


Youthmakers Hub (YMH)