European Solidarity Corps Project

Africa in Greece

Africa in Greece aims to empower African youth residing in Athens by equipping them with skills needed in the 21st Century, such as collaboration, communication, leadership, and digital skills, to prepare them for entering the labor market. Furthermore, this project aims to enhance intercultural understanding and cross-cultural communication between Africans and the local community by offering the participants a platform to present their cultures, create acknowledgment, and end marginalization.

The activities under this programme are:

This campaign informs about available opportunities by the EU for educational and professional development. During this campaign, which lasts one month and takes place online, team members share several possibilities, such as Erasmus+, ESC, and Erasmus for young entrepreneurs, and explain to the participants how they could be involved. 

You can find more about the campaign here

This webinar provides the participants with basic project management knowledge, including an overview of the four stages of project management, the tools and know-how for creating a successful business model, and case studies of projects. Lastly, the trainer develops business plans and sustainable ideas and offers basic entrepreneurship principles.

You can watch the video here

The seminar focuses on Elevator Pitch and Pitch Deck, two essential aspects of communication and pitching. The participants are asked to prepare a presentation regarding the topics of the project. The participants improve their digital “public” speaking skills and have the chance to gain confidence.

You can watch the video here

The final dissemination event takes place in Athens. Youthmakers Hub and the African participants share their experiences and skills.

You can find out more about the Dissemination Event here

Training Activities


1/12/2021 – 30/11/2022


€ 7.644,00

National Agency


Youthmakers Hub (YMH)