Hellen Keller said, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”. We believe in collaboration and one of our services offers space for co-creation: partnerships. Partner with us in the following ways:

Partner with us for projects (Erasmus+ KA1, KA2, KA3 and other programmes).
If you share the same vision and values with us, we are open for quality and long-term partnerships in a wide variety of fields, such as education; culture; sports; entrepreneurship; youth and women empowerment and much more. Just share your ideas with us and let’s make it happen!

Partner with us for Capacity Building activities (workshops, training seminars, conferences etc.)
Are you also interested in building capacities to impact lives for the best? Do you care about preparing the leaders of the future or creating meaningful round table discussions? Share with us your ideas and let’s partner to create unique events!

We create strategic partnerships by matching the right partners from Africa and Europe based on their vision and fields of interest.
We have an immense network all around the world in various fields such as Educational, Entrepreneurship as well as Culture & Sports. Are you looking for a partner in Togo, Germany or Ghana? Share your interest with us and we make sure that we will connect you with the right people!

Are you in for a partnership?

Abukari Shaibu Niendow

Founder and Executive Director, Sedarvp Ghana

Malcolm Allan mitembo

Youth Coordinator, MenEngage Uganda

Kalewongel Tesfaye

Founder & Executive Director, Youth2Youth (Y2Y)