• On the 11th & 12th of April 2022, the training seminar "Project Management: Introduction & Tips" was held live on the Zoom Platform. This training seminar is the first of four events under the European Solidarity Corps entitled "Project Managers Academy" which is being co-funded by the European Solidarity Corps of the European Union and the Youth and Lifelong Learning Foundation (INEDIVIM). Check here for more.

    11-12/04/2022                       Seminar

  • On the 6th and 7th of April 2022, the training seminar "Project Management & Entrepreneurship Skills" was held live on the Zoom Platform. This training seminar is the second of four events under the European Solidarity Corps program entitled "Africa in Greece" which is being co-funded by the European Solidarity Corps of the European Union and the Youth and Lifelong Learning Foundation (INEDIVIM). Check here for more.

    06-07/04/2022                       Seminar

  • On the 1st of April 2022, the workshop "Social Media & Internet in the Practice" was held live on the Zoom Platform. This training seminar is the fourth of five events under the European Solidarity Corps program entitled "Digital Literacy for Seniors" which is being co-funded by the European Solidarity Corps of the European Union and the Youth and Lifelong Learning Foundation (INEDIVIM). Check here for more.

    01/04/2022                       Seminar

  • In October 2021 Youthmakers Hub reached one more milestone by being elected as one of the 14 eurodesk multipliers in Greece and 1000 multipliers all over Europe. Eurodesk , a European youth information network created in 1990 that works on making information on learning mobility comprehensive and accessible to young people and youth workers, designates local organizations working with young people all around Europe to become their multipliers, in order to deliver information and advice on mobility opportunities in a more direct way, making sure, through events and campaigns, that the mobility information collected in the network reaches young people.


  • Thanks to the WE AfriHug project, Youthmakers Hub had the chance to welcome a team for Kenyatta University, including Vice-Rector Prof. Paul Kuria Wainaina, Dr. Esther Kagure, Senior Administrator Mr. Kennedy Monari, and the representative of the Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife of Kenya, Mr. Robert Kamau Kamiti, under Erasmus+ KA107 International Credit Mobility program between Kenyatta University and the University of Piraeus.

    27/06 - 03/07/2021                       Event

  • Youthmakers Hub, as a partner of the AfriConEU project, took part in the Building Resilient African Digital Economies post-COVID – Focus on Tanzania. This virtual event tried to understand which are the needs of Digital Innovation Hubs in Tanzania and how hubs can be better supported to help African economies harness the digital opportunities arising and catalyzing innovation on the continent. The event attracted participants, including Entrepreneurs, Digital Skills providers, Tech Hubs, and  Digital Innovation Hubs, mainly from Tanzania, and consisted of two parts.  Find out more.

    23/06/2021                       Event

  • We took part in the Virtual Roundtable: Building Resilient African Digital Economies Post COVID - Focus on Uganda, organized by ATBN and Outbox Uganda within the framework of AfriConEU activities. We discussed the main challenges and opportunities of Uganda's Digital Innovation and Startup ecosystem, as well as the risks and opportunities of Covid 19. We took part in the Co-Creation workshop and we came up with solutions to the obstacles of Uganda's digital transformation. Find out more.

    10/06/2021                       Event

  • Our first event for the program Post Co(vi)ding Academy is Digital Live Library: Redefining Success. Five greek young people will come together in an interesting discussion to tell their stories of how they chose their own paths which eventually led them to personal success. The participants will have the chance to interact with them and be inspired by their choices. For more information and the application forms, you can click here.

    25/05/2021                       Project

  • Youthmakers Hub, as a partner of the AfriConEU project, took part in the virtual roundtable. The event consisted of two parts, during the first part there was a panel discussion about the challenges and opportunities for Nigerian digital ecosystems and hubs post-COVID and during the second part, the participants were divided into groups to discuss some important aspects of the problem under question. Find out more on the official website of AfriConEU, by clicking here

    19/05/2021                       Event

  • Youthmakers Hub, as a partner of the AfriConEU project, took part in the virtual roundtable. The event consisted of two parts, during the first part there was a panel discussion about the challenges and opportunities for Ghanian digital ecosystems and hubs post-COVID and during the second part, the participants were divided into groups to discuss some important aspects of the problem under question.   Find out more.

    28/04/2021                       Event

  • Youthmakers Hub, as a partner of the AfriConEU project, took part in the Emerging Valley Online Edition on the 7th and 8th of April 2021. The co-founder of Youthmakers Hub, Marilena Maragkou discussed with the event’s speakers, and participants, as well as with European and African StartUps, nonprofit organizations, and stakeholders. Find out more on the official website of AfiConEU, by clicking here.

    09/02/2021                       Milestone

  • The Kick-off meeting took place today involving all project partners and representatives from the European Commission. We discussed the project's workflow and strategic plan, as we had in-depth presentations about the digital innovation ecosystems in Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, and Tanzania. We also received insights on the Policy and Regulation Initiative for Digital Africa, the Africa Europe Innovation Partnership, the African Continental Free Trade Area, the Enterprise Europe Network, and the #EU policy initiative on Innovation Hubs to boost digital transformation. We can't wait to bring the AfriConEU disruptive model to life that will bring closer European and African innovation ecosystems.

    09/02/2021                       Milestone

  • We are excited to share our new project, AfriConEU! Funded in the framework of Horizon 2020, the project will create the first Trans-continental Networking Academy for African and European Digital Innovation Hubs! Within the next 36 months and in collaboration with INOVA+, Portugal, costech - Buni Innovation Hub, Tanzania, dPixel, Italy Porto Business School, Portugal, Stimmuli For Social Change, Greece, Emerging Communities Africa, Nigeria, Outbox Uganda, ITC - Innovation Technology Cluster, Slovenia, AFRICA TECHNOLOGY BUSINESS NETWORK C.I.C., U.K., hapaSpace Collaborative Hub, Ghana, we commit to accelerate the digital transformation, boost the digital economy, empower youth, foster innovation, and growth!

    01/02/2021                       Milestone

  • In this training session, our trainer, Luke, a Guest Service Specialist, touched upon his day to day experience to share some of the ways customer service, regardless of the industry, is changing and in what ways we can prepare to serve people in the future. Despite technology and self-service, there are some things only a human being can bring and they are often the elements that keep a customer coming back time and time again. He showed our participants how to add value to customer journeys in an age of Artificial Intelligence and self-service.

    16/1/2021                       Training Session

  • A few days ago, our speakers in Thriving Greeks Under Thirty, had impressed and inspired us with their attitudes, their stories, and their path to success. A few days later, they are on the front page of Kathimerini! On the English version of the newspaper, they wrote: "The idea for the digital meeting came from the pandemic, as the organizers (the Εθνικό Κέντρο Τεκμηρίωσης και Ηλεκτρονικού Περιεχομένοu - National Documentation Centre (EKT) and the youth organization Youthmakers Hub) felt the need for positive and inspiring paradigms in the midst of this general feeling of pessimism.” We could not be more proud of how our actions network people and how their positive messages are multiplied to more recipients in Greece.

    13/12/2020                          Event

  • Successful, each in his field, six young Greek men and women under 30, gathered online to share their unique path to success and set an example. This unique event was organized in collaboration with the National Documentation Center and the Knowledge Bridges.

    9/12/2020                          Event

  • Youthmakers Hub co-organized the Online Hackathon: Hack4Youth together with Balkans Beyond Boarders. Hack4Youth is an activity in the framework of the the project Y-FED, coordinated by JEF Europe and co-funded by the European Commission. The aim of the Hackathon was to encourage youth, students, youth workers and future entrepreneurs to explore creative solutions for Europe in the framework of the European Youth Goals. Hack4Youth took place online through zoom and slack platforms and 19 youth from all around Greece worked in teams facing three different challenges. During Hack4Youth, the participants attended several sessions including Project Management tips, Business Model Canvas, Formatting-Presenting & Pitching. In the end of Hack4Youth, the teams presented their solutions to the evaluators and received feedback from them. The winning team was Mark Zuckeberg!

    29-30/08/20                          Event

  • Cultural Snapshots is an intriguing insight into various cultures between Africa and Europe. The idea started after a familiarization session with five postgraduate students from Africa (Kenya, Uganda, and Ghana) who spent their time in Greece under Erasmus+ Program on Mobility merits 2020. Later on, we organized an event dubbed African Cultures Snapshots with the theme ‘Let’s be proud together’; which premiered on Youthmakers Hub Facebook page on 5th June 2020. The program’s schedule will run for one year with interchangeable sessions discussing African Cultures and European cultures respectively, from June 2020 to June 2021.

    5/6/2020                          Event

  • On 1st of June 2020, Youthmakers Hub organized a workshop about presentations skills. The workshop attended the five african students and they improved their way of presentation. The workshop took place at the Training room of Youthmakers Hub office.

    1/6/2020                          Training

  • WE AfriHug project was presented as a successful project during the 13th General Assembly of the Erasmus Mundus Association. The EMA Annual General Assembly (EMA GA) 2020 was held virtually. Konstantinos, co-founder of Youthmakers Hub and Representative of Erasmus Mundus Association in Greece talked about the project, its objectives, impact and result so far.

    16/5/2020                  Presentation at Conference

  • Social Change Masterclass Programme was a 2-day online Training Seminar attended by almost 35 African Youth workers from Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana and Uganda. The aim of the Trainng was to empower participants with skills needed in Project Management, Pitching, Communciaiton and Management of a project. Participants had also the oportunity to split in break-out rooms and work in teams.

    27-28/04/20                          Training

  • Joseph Thukia Wanjiku, Master student from the Department of Hospitality & Tourism Management of Kenyatta University and also the first African Erasmus+ student at the University of Piraeus in 2019 came to Youthmakers Hub for 5 months to do his internship. Joseph will be working together with the Marketing & Communications department of the organization working towards building a stronger brand of the organization.

    Feb - July 2020                       Milestone

  • We were glad to have with us Joseph, Peter, Frank, Daniel, and Sampson from Kenya, Uganda and Ghana. They are in Athens or 3-5 months, some are studying through Erasmus at the University of Piraeus, some are doing their internship in our organization. Through our WE AfriHug program, they have the opportunity to take advantage of the tools and opportunities offered by the Erasmus+ program. We facilitate mobility from our partner Universities in Africa to Greece and integrate young and academic staff in our activities!

    Feb - July 2020                       Milestone

  • For the editon of 2020, WE AfriHug aimed to promote Erasmus + opportunities in higher education institutions (HEIs) & Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in West African countries (Togo, Benin, Nigeria), develop skills for board members, academic staff, students and staff for youth workers in terms of participation in Erasmus +, and create of synergies between African and European institutions. The program was designed to be implemented between January and May 2020, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the project was cancelled on April 7.

    Feb - April 2020                       Project

  • Our partners from Northern Ghana, Shaibu and Rabiu visited us in our office as they were in Greece in the framework of an Erasmus+ project. Internship opportunities and cultural exchange programs are the top priorities of our partnership with Sedarvp Ghana.

    3/2/2020                          Visit

  • From the 20th to the 24th January 2020, the 2nd African Training Week took place in Athens, co-organized with the University of Piraeus, the University of West Attica and Youthmakers Hub. Six academic and administrative staff, coming from African educational institutions, were briefed on mobility opportunities between universities, discussed the possibilities of European funding programs such as Erasmus+ and also explored opportunities for collaborating with each other. As part of their visit to Athens, Youthmakers Hub had developed a daily schedule of visits and meetings with stakeholders.

    20-24/01/20                          Training

  • Youthmakers Hub together with the Leadership Committee “Protagonistes Zois” from Cyprus organized the 2nd Young Leaders Awards 2019 in Athens, on Saturday, January 18, 2020 at 16:00, at Divani Caravel in the framework of Money Show. This ceremony was established after the initiative to award the efforts of young people, up to 35 years old, young people that innovate and stand out from the rest. The categories were the following: Education, Social Impact - Volunteering, Youth, Sports, Culture and Youth Leadership - Young Leader Award.

    18/1/2020                          Event

  • From the 16th until the 20th December 2019, the 1st African Training Week took place in Athens, co-organized with the University of Piraeus, the University of West Attica and the Youthmakers Hub. Nine university professors from 7 African educational institutions were briefed on mobility opportunities between universities, discussed the possibilities of European funding programs such as Erasmus+ and also explored opportunities for collaborating with each other. As part of their visit to Athens, Youthmakers Hub had developed a daily schedule of meetings and visits to stakeholders.

    16-20/12/19                          Activity

  • We organized the Opening Ceremony for our office in Kallithea, Athens. More than 350 friends,family members, partners, stakeholders and policy makers passed by our office to wish us a good start. 2 days full of music, food, discussions and our unique coctails: Erasmus+, Youthmakers Hub and WE AfriHug! On the second floor, we presented the video WE AfriHug 2019.

    14-15/12/19                          Event

  • Sotiris represented the team at the YOUTH@WORK: Youth Entrepreneurship Conference that took place in Mersin, Turkey on 3rd until 7th of December 2019. The emphasis of the conference was the cooperation between formal and non-formal (youth work) education providers, employment, social & business sectors, (social) entrepreneurs, and other stakeholders. The conference gathered experts with global mindsets ready to make a change in their own communities first.

    3-7/12/19                          Participation in Conference

  • Marilena participated in the Youth Contest Forum in the framework of the Conference MED Rome Dialogues 2019, which took place in Rome, Italy. Marilena pitched WE AfriHug 2020 in front of a big audience and a judging committee consisted of Policy Makers from various Institutions, European Union and ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy among others.

    4-6/12/19                          Participation in Conference

  • Konstantinos participated in the Forbes under 30 summit Europe in Germany.

    1 - 3/12/19                          Participation in Conference

  • Youthmakers Hub visited the Regional Centre of Information of United Nations in Brussels. We had the honour to discuss with Dimitris Fatouros, Communication Specialist for Greece and Cyrpus at the United Nations Regional Information Centre- UNRIC regarding our initiative to bring closr Africa and Europe through WE AfriHug and our contribution at the implementation of the Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

    14/11/2019                          Meeting

  • WE AfriHug was chosen as one of the best ESAA funded projects by the European Commission for 2019. Konstantinos presented our winning model and impact during the NEO-ICP meeting 2019 in the capital of Europe, Brussels. We received positive feedback from Erasmus+ National Agencies and European Commission Representatives for our initiative to bring closer Africa & Europe through Erasmus+.

    14/11/2019              Presentation in Conference

  • Marilena participated in the Paris Peace Forum 2019 together with AU-EU Youth Cooperation Hub, presenting to High level Policy makers concrete projects on how we can bring closer Africa and Europe through education.

    11-13/11/19                          Presentation in event

  • The newspaper “KATHIMERINI” published us on the first page and wrote a 1-page article first page on a Saturday morning. It is featuring our Africa-related work and the links we create between Africa and Europe in the field of Higher education.

    9/11/2019                          Newspaper

  • Youthmakers Hub implemented the project “Mind The Gap” funded by ESAA (Erasmus Students Alumni Association) and co-organized by garagErasmus4Athens, Erasmus Mundus Association Greece, JEF Europe, Greek Youth Mobility and Balkans Beyond Borders. The objectives of the project were a) to raise awareness about Erasmus+ and to inform Youth about mobility opportunities, b) to build the Capacity of Youth with the necessary tools for the 21st century, and c) to engage Policy makers to support Youth Action. The project brought together Youth to be trained and act as multipliers of knowledge. International grassroots organizations cooperated with ESAA organizations to exchange networks, ideas and opportunities. The project included one Policy Makers Forum, and one 2-day Capacity Building Training Seminar with two workshops: 1. Project Management & Submission of Erasmus+ projects, and 2. Pitching, Mobility Opportunities and Tips for applications. Most of the participants attended both workshops. The 2-day Capacity Building Training Seminar, implemented in Athens, Greece, aimed to empower Youth (18-30) in Greece to act as advocates of the European Union idea and values.

    October - December 2019                            Project

  • Youthmakers Hub participated at the Digital Expo 2019 taking place at the area of Peristeri in Athens during the weekend 28th to 29h of September 2019. It was a 2-day event with more than 20.000 people coming and we had a big team there, in order to interact and network. Youthmakers Hub team hosted a kiosk, promoting the organization and its services. Moroever, we participated in two events: The first one was the pitching contest powered by Tenebra studios, in which Konstantinos, pitched WE Afriug 2020 and the second one was the interactive presentation on "Innovation and Technology in Africa" by Marilena, co-foudner and Sotiris, Administrative Executive of Youthmakers Hub.

    28-29/09/19                          Event

  • Youthmakers Hub team participated in Connected We Stand Festival that took place at Syntagma, heart of Athens, Greece at 21st of September 2019. In collaboration with the organization KINITRO, we co-organized a game on social inclusion based on the treasure hunt game. The station of Youthmakers Hub was entitled as " Africa is not a country" and the participants had to answer various Africa-related questions in order to proceed to the next station of the treasure hunt game.

    21/9/2019                          Event

  • Konstantinos participated in the European Forum Alpbach 2019, which took place in Alpbach in Austria on 14th until 30th of August 2019.. The European Forum Alpbach is an interdisciplinary platform for science, politics, business and culture. Established in 1945, the annual European Forum Alpbach and their events throughout the year address the relevant socio-political questions of their time. Konstantinos attended among other seminars the seminar "Liberty & Security in Africa: Voices from the Continent and Beyond", presented by Gerald Hainzl , Leena Koni Hoffmann & Amara Nwankpa. New insights and knowledge from an African point of view have enlightened the participants who have actively contributed to fruitful discussions on Freedom, Liberty, Security, Democracy, Colonialism, Decolonization, Migration and more.

    14-30/08/19                          Participation at Seminar

  • Konstantinos participated in the Youth at Work Partnership kick off conference with Youth Work experts from all around Europe. The confrence took place in Instabul, Turkey on 5th - 9th June 2019.

    25-29/06/2019                          Presentation in event

  • Marilena delivered a 2-day training on Project Management in Bonn, Germany at Gustav Stressmann Institute during the Skills Seminar of ESAA. Around 30 participants gained basic knowledges of project management through non-formal education activities. All participants were members of the Erasmus Students Alumni Association (garagErasmus, OCEANS, ESN, Erasmus Mundus Association).

    21-23/06/2019                          Training Seminar

  • Konstantinos presented WE AfriHug in Bonn, Germany at Gustav Stressmann Institute & ESAA on 21st of June 2019.

    21/6/2019                          Presentation in event

  • "WE AfriHug was presented in Malaga during the annual meeting of garagErasmus Foundation on 16th of June 2019. ""We could not imagine even in our best dreams that from the first year of the competition, we would find a project like that"" stated Carlo Bitetto, Director of garagErasmus Foundation. The foundation has been supporting the project since 2018 with the award Golden Laissez Passer, given to Konstantinos Maragkos and in 2019 the foundation was one of the project's organizers."

    16/6/2019                          Presentation in event

  • "Joseph Thukia Wanjiku, Master student at the Department of Hospitality & Tourism Management of Kenyatta University was the first African Erasmus+ student at the University of Piraeus. Joseph spent his spring exchange semester in Greece at the University of Piraeus thanks to the partnership we created last year between the two Universities."

    February - May 2019                          Milestone

  • WE AfriHug is a project of Youthmakers Hub. It is an educational project being implemented in Africa every year, with a different edition. For the edition of 2019, it was selected by ESAA and the European Commission for funds and it was implemented in 4 African countries (Ethiopia, Uganda, Nigeria and Ghana) from February until May 2019. During WE AfriHug 2019, we conducted 5 Training Seminars at Civil Society Organizations and 5 Training Seminars at Higer Education Institutions in the above countries. Our vision is to bring Africa and Europe closer through education. Our mission is to empower Youth through capacity building create and to connections between AU – EU HEIs & CSOs. Our values are: Thinking global – Acting local, Afrocentric approach, Collaboration, Co-creation, Respect for local communities.

    February - May 2019                          Project

  • WE AfriHug was presented at the European Parliament, as the winning project of Golden Laissez Passer, Version I, by garagErasmus Foundation on 8th of February 2019. Great honour for our project to have such a recognition.

    8/2/2019                          Presentation in event

  • Dr. Esther Kagure and Dr. Rahab Muthoni ,Chairperson of the Department of Hospitality & Tourism and Lecturer of the Department of Hospitality Management , respectively,both academics from Kenyatta University in Nairobi-Kenya visited Greece through the mobilities of Erasmus+. Both academics came to Greece through the partnership with the University of Piraeus, facilitated by WE AfriHug team. Youthmakers Hub team was responsible for their stay and organized study visits to several stakeholders in order to discuss about future partnerships.

    19-28/01/2019                          Event/ Milestone

  • The leading committee of Protagonistes Zois from Cyprus powered by Athens Money Show 2019 organized the 1st honorary ceremony for awards for Young talents - Role models Athens, Greece on 19th of Jauary 2019. WE AfriHug project was awarded in the "Social impact" category. Representives from the team received the award at the Ceremony that took place at Divani Hotel at the centre of Athens.

    19/1/2019                          Award