Marirena Barkatsa | Marketing Manager

β€œA creative team player who loves learning new things and discovering new places. Ever since I was young I remember observing things around me and expressing myself in every artistic way possible. I am interested in marketing since I think it’s all about creative communication.”

wherever there’s a nice view
marine biologist
very communicative, creative and adaptive
night owl

Desired superpower

Energy drink

Favorite Hobby

Favourite language

My 5 Ws

Who is your role model?

I don’t really have a certain role model but different qualities that I admire and try to leave by. Everyone we come across can teach us something new, show us a different point of view on things and so become a role model.

What are you proud of?

Over the last five years I have been trying to gather as many different experiences as I could in order to overcome my shy nature and better express myself. So I would say that I am really proud of my progress and all the amazing qualities I have acquired while shifting my way of thinking.

When was a life-changing moment in your life?

The moment when I finally realised that life isn’t about finding yourself but creating yourself.

Where have you felt mostly outside of your comfort zone?

In general, I try as much as I can to put myself outside of my comfort zone because it’s the best way for me to improve and acquire new skills. So I guess the inside of my comfort zone is where I feel outside my comfort zone.

Why Youthmakers Hub?

Youthmakers Hub came in a very interesting part of my life when I was trying to decide my next step after my bachelor degree. It is the best environment to learn many different skills and find what I would like to do next. I feel lucky to be part of this amazing team and work with all those inspiring young people.