Konstantinos Maragkos | Co-founder & Communications specialist

“A devoted changemaker, problem solver, risk and initiative taker. I love creating projects from scratch and making long-lasting change. Most people characterize me as “motivational, inspirational and energy-giving person”. I believe in multidisciplinary and disruptive innovation, so I make sure that I always acquire knowledge and experience in different fields.”

Kofi Annan
There is no dream job, there is a dream life.
Public speaking, Communication, Learning to learn

Desired superpower

Energy drink

Favorite Hobby

Favourite language

My 5 Ws

Who is your role model?

I have been lucky enough to have met exceptional teachers, mentors, professors, trainers and employers. My energetic mindset enables me to distract the positive aspects and skills of everyone and learn from them. Therefore, there is not a single person who is my role model but there are a lot of people who have pushed me to the limits and are my sources of inspiration, learning and development.

What are you proud of?

I am proud of taking big risks and not following the majority’s opinion and way of thinking. Sometimes, I have taken decisions that are considered very risky and uncertain in the beginning but have proved life-changing and very impactful in the end. I am also very proud of all the mistakes I have done and I continue to do because I recognize that all these mistakes are my future incomes (Jack Ma’s inspiration).

When was a life-changing moment in your life?

Hm, I have plenty of them. To make a long story short (if you would like to know the long stories. drop me a message and let’s share), one of the most life-changing moments was my 9-month Erasmus+ internship in Vienna after finishing my graduate studies in Greece. I just experienced a tremendous transformation and self-development, which helped me think outside of the box. I just realized what I am capable of doing, so I would definitely say that it has changed my life!  

Where have you felt mostly outside of your comfort zone?

In the air! We are not designed to fly but I have tried a couple of times. I have completed 7 falls of parachute static belt from the Lockheed C-130 Hercules aircraft and from the Boeing CH-47 Chinook helicopter and being in the air is something definitely outside of my comfort zone! Mother earth was calling me down and I have listened to her every time with discipline!

Why Youthmakers Hub?

Is there something better from working for your ideas, values, aspirations and being responsible for your own risks and decisions? The time has come after having collected professional and academic experience across several European and African countries to combine my passion and skills with my professional career. I love creating impact and I envision the future generations to enjoy the heritage that we are leaving behind through our work.