Konstantinos Maragkos Receives “EMA Social Impact Changemaker” Award on Behalf of WE AfriHug | October 2019

Earlier this year, we were immensely honored as our co-founder, Konstantinos Maragkos, accepted the prestigious “EMA Social Impact Changemaker” award from the former President of the Erasmus Mundus Association, Pavan Kumar Sriram. This recognition reflects our unwavering commitment to bringing Africa and Europe closer through education, making a direct contribution to the implementation of the 4th and 17th Global Goals for Sustainable Development, which focus on Quality Education and Partnerships for the goals. The voting committee, comprised esteemed individuals, including a former EMA president, members of different associations, Erasmus Mundus coordinators, and representatives from international educational institutions and the European Commission, highlighted the significant impact of our work in fostering global partnerships and quality education. At YMH, we deeply appreciate this acknowledgment, which fuels our passion to continue creating a positive impact in bridging continents and empowering the youth for a brighter, more connected future. Together, we will keep striving to make a difference and contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.