WE AfriHug #StoriesofImpact

Kelvin Mutisya | Greece, University of West Attica

My name is Kelvin Mutisya, and I had the opportunity to do an Erasmus Mundus-sponsored internship at the University of Piraeus, specifically in the Tourism Department. The Erasmus Mundus internship in the Tourism Department at the University of Piraeus provided a fantastic chance for International exposure, academic advancement, and cultural enrichment. 

One of the most remarkable highlights of my internship was actively contributing to a research project on volunteer tourism. This project expanded my knowledge and reinforced the importance of innovative, responsible tourism in preserving and promoting natural and cultural heritage. My emotions were a mix of excitement, curiosity, and occasional homesickness, but my friends showed me kindness and hospitality that made me feel completely at home. 

During my Erasmus+ experience, networking was a frenzy of international connections, and I made friendships that would last a lifetime. My global perspective and diversified set of talents have been highly beneficial to my job search. Lastly, I appreciate the WE AfriHug for the connections they provided my university on their last visit to Kenya. This led to my opportunity to study abroad and have a lifetime experience as a first-time traveler outside my continent. 

Finally, I want to thank WE AfriHug for connecting my university with this opportunity during their visit to Kenya. This connection allowed me to study abroad and have a life-changing experience as a first-time traveler outside my continent.