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Interview – Creating social change in Europe & Africa | 24 April 2024

In a livestream event on 24 April, a captivating conversation took place in Italian between our Co-founder and CEO, Konstantinos Maragkos, and the journalist and esteemed host of Dalla Piramide al Cerchio, Guido Zaccarelli.

Konstantinos Maragkos delved deep into the roots of Youthmakers Hub, sharing the narrative of the evolution from the pioneering days of WE AfriHug to the multifaceted organization it stands today.

Through the insightful dialogue and shared vision of Konstantinos Maragkos and the team at Youthmakers Hub, it became clear that the journey toward positive change is not just a destination but a continuous, transformative experience.

The dialogue between Konstantinos Maragkos and Guido Zaccarelli was a vibrant exploration of what lies at the core of Youthmakers Hub’s mission. It highlighted our commitment to empowering the youth and fostering a culture of innovation.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our host, Guido Zaccarelli, and everyone who joined us for this live session. Those who missed it can watch the full interview here.