Innovative Storytelling and Green Technology: A Recap of Youthmakers Hub’s EUth Voices Event | October 2023

Youthmakers Hub organized the EUth Voices for Social Change engaging two-day physical event in Greece to promote environmental consciousness and sustainable digital practices. The event commenced with Georgianna Chondrou, our Communications Lead, and the “Let’s Get Digital: Innovative Storytelling Through Digital Media” workshop, where participants delved into the realm of digital media, learning storytelling techniques. Simultaneously, Pinelopi Katsigianni, Project Manager, and Eleni Modou, Project and Communications Assistant, facilitated the “Greening the Digital Revolution Workshop,” which highlighted the environmental impact of digital tools and technologies, focusing on energy consumption, e-waste management, and carbon footprints.

During the event, participants gained insights into sustainable digital practices and had the chance to design their environmental campaigns. They presented their ideas to the group, fostering collaboration and idea-sharing. 

As the event coordinators, we were delighted to see the enthusiasm and engagement of our participants, who came together from diverse backgrounds and experiences. Our partners, Microkosmos and Fundación Farrah, also actively participated, enriching the discussions and sharing valuable insights. 

The event’s success was evident in the tangible personal action plans that the participants devised for implementing sustainable digital practices in their daily work lives, reaffirming our commitment to environmental stewardship and social change.