On the 26th & 27th of May 2022, the digital training seminar “How to be a more Inclusive Project Manager” took place on Zoom Platform. This initiative is the second out of four events under the European Solidarity Corps Program entitled “Project Managers Academy”, which is being co-funded by the European Solidarity Corps of the European Union and the Youth and Lifelong Learning Foundation (INEDIVIM).

The aim of this 2-day training seminar was to raise awareness regarding the importance of inclusivity as a core principle in project management. To begin with, participants were introduced to the respective framework and the suggested terms to adopt both in daily and professional life. With People with Disabilities and LGBTQ+ being the main focus groups, the trainer, Sofia Mastrokoukou, provided participants with good practices and easy-to-apply know-how on creating and managing a safe and inclusive professional space. In addition, participants had the opportunity to become familiar with several useful digital tools that ensure accessibility. Last but not least, participants were asked to exercise their gained knowledge by responding to respective hypothetical scenarios.

You can see the full video of the event here.


How to be a more Inclusive Project Manager