Hilary Emefiele Erhabor | Digital Designer

“I am a freelance Illustrator and Digital Designer. I have done digital designs for several Companies, Non-Profit Organisations and Person Clients including Ivika Filmworks, Inter Alia and Social Fashion Factory. I love thinking, and working creatively at every given time. I also enjoy communicating and working with other creative minds. Youthmakers Hub provides for me the perfect environment to bring my passion for creative designs together with working with creatively minded people under a single umbrella. …and hey, I designed the Youthmakers Hub logo.”

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Hilary Banks/Tha Kid/Brutus Steiner
Arts and Fashion Business/entrepreneurship
My mind
My mind

Desired superpower

Energy drink

Favorite Hobby

Favourite language

My 5 Ws

Who is your role model?

I don’t have a role model. I’ve learnt a lot from the experiences of quite a number of people from various walks of life though and the lessons learnt in addition to my personal life experiences have guided me in defining my life’s path.

What are you proud of?

My Family.

When was a life-changing moment in your life?

That moment on that day I sat in front of my laptop, opened up google, typed in the name Dr. Yosef Ben-Jochannan and hit the enter key.

Where have you felt mostly outside of your comfort zone?

Travelling to Europe for the first time and alone. It was a challenge for me kos normally, I would like to be close to my family but I had to come to Europe for studies. It was challenging settling into a European society and adapting to a European culture and mentality.

Why Youthmakers Hub?

Being a member of Youthmakers Hub team gives me the opportunity to train and assist young folks in developing soft skills and in return acquire soft and hard skills. It is also a great way to communicate with like minded people. Lastly, it gives me the opportunity to contribute my quota to educating people about the values of youth work and education.