Greening the Future: EcoActiZenship Capacity Building Mobility in Raches, Greece | October 2023

From October 2nd to 6th, the Capacity Building Mobility in the context of the EcoActiZenship project took place in the picturesque region of Raches, at NISI Glamping and was a transformative experience for its participants. We had the privilege of coordinating this event, and our partners from IPA actively participated, further enhancing the event’s knowledge exchange and collaborative spirit. 

The 5-day training event consisted of several activities that set the tone for a journey of ecological awareness and action. From a post-flood coastal cleanup workshop to encouraging innovative thinking and resourcefulness and the “Compost Board Game” that added a playful yet educational element to the proceedings, the event was a success. 

Participants gained knowledge about environmental conservation and honed their abilities to act as responsible eco-citizens in their daily lives. The collaborative atmosphere fostered during targeted workshops, breakout sessions, and group work was instrumental in building lasting connections among the attendees. As a result, these young eco-enthusiasts left Raches with newfound knowledge and a sense of community and shared purpose, ready to make a meaningful impact on the environment.