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Georgianna Chondrou| Communications Lead

“Undergraduate student of the Department of Communication, Media and Culture, at Panteion University. I believe in a world based on creativity, spontaneity and real communication between each other. Love being myself. “

Literally anywhere with the people I love
Be a good person
Insistent, passionate, outgoing

Desired superpower

Energy drink

Favorite Hobby


Favourite language

My 5 Ws

Who is your role model?

I can say it’s a combination of people. From the moment I’ve started my professional presence, I had by my side a team of people that inspired me, supported me, and boosted me to find a better version of myself, both professionally and personally, and to discover the things that really intrigue me.

What are you proud of?

I’m proud of myself for trying to do my best. I want to be at first a good and supportive person and then a good professional.

When was a life-changing moment in your life?

When I’ve lost my grandpa. That was a life lesson for me. I found that life is too short to be miserable, so you must try your best, live the moment and smile.

Where have you felt mostly outside of your comfort zone?

When I went abroad for the first time without my family. I almost thought that I wouldn’t survive this. That was one of the best experiences of my life, no less.
Life tip: Let yourself free and try to be outside of your comfort zone. You will definitely create unforgettable moments.

Why Youthmakers Hub?

If you are a part of this team you don’t need anything else. It’s not just a team, but also a family. There is nothing better than an environment that makes you feel creative, productive, and part of the action. I’m more than happy that Youthmakers Hub is the first stop of my professional journey.