EUth Voices for Social Change 2-day workshop in Turin: An inclusive and sustainable future | February 2024

On the 8th and 9th of February, Youthmakers Hub participated in a 2-day workshop of EUth Voices for Social Change, facilitated by Microkosmos in Turin, Italy. The event started with a morning of friendly welcomes and icebreakers designed to knit a diverse group of participants into a tight-knit community ready to engage with the challenging themes ahead. The first workshop, facilitated by Sofia Mastrokoukou, delved into creating an accessible future for all, particularly addressing the needs of those with disabilities, invigorating the group with a sense of purpose and inclusivity. This was seamlessly followed by an exploration into the sustainability challenges within the fashion industry, where Irene Valachis compelled the participants to critically assess and drive change in their consumption habits. The following day offered a cultural infusion, starting with the inspiring Maria Callas exhibition, transitioning into a playful yet enlightening citywide treasure hunt, and culminating with poignant poetry lectures that resonated deeply with the themes of identity and societal contribution, leaving each participant emboldened to become active agents of change within their respective communities.