EU Elections and Youth Empowerment | March 2024

On March 19th, Youthmakers Hub facilitated a Euroclass, funded by Eurodesk and the EU, for young individuals to engage in the democratic processes of the European Union. Participants deepened their understanding of European affairs through a tailored EU quiz covering topics such as EU elections, institutions, and programs like Erasmus. The seminar included lively discussions on EU opportunities relevant to youth empowerment, fostering a sense of participation. By equipping young attendees with EU knowledge, the Euroclass aimed to empower them to actively shape the future of Europe through informed engagement in EU elections and initiatives. This Euroclass was facilitated by Pinelopi Katsigianni, Project Manager at Youthmakers Hub in the context of the EU Elections 2024. The dialogue unveiled how youth could leverage the EU’s opportunities, emphasizing the importance of individual participation.