Erasmus+ Mobilities: Bridging Educational Gaps Between Kenya and Greece | January 2019

In a groundbreaking initiative, Dr. Esther Kagure and Dr. Rahab Muthoni, distinguished representatives from Kenyatta University in Nairobi, Kenya, embarked on an enriching journey to Greece through the Erasmus+ mobilities program. This was made possible thanks to our WE AfriHug project implementation in January 2018. Facilitated by our YMH team, and in collaboration with the University of Piraeus, this visit marked a significant milestone in strengthening educational bonds between Kenya and Greece. During their stay, we, as a committed nonprofit fostering international collaboration, orchestrated study visits to various stakeholders. These meetings served as a platform to explore potential future partnerships, nurturing knowledge exchange and forging lasting connections. We are thrilled about the possibilities this partnership with Kenyatta University presents, and this initiative reflects our unwavering commitment to impactful and forward-thinking endeavors.