Engaging with Future Leaders: Youthmakers Hub Connects with Emerging Tourism Entrepreneurs | June 2022

On June 15th, 2022, the Youthmakers Hub team had the opportunity to meet the new generation of Tourism Entrepreneurs at the University of Piraeus. We were invited to serve on the Jury Committee to evaluate student presentations. The event was a hackathon organized by Dr. Sofia Mastrokoukou as part of the “Tourism Entrepreneurship” course in the Department of Tourism Studies.

We had 15 teams, comprising a total of 60 students, who presented their business ideas. It was inspiring to see these students improve their public speaking and presentation skills, and step out of their comfort zones by communicating their ideas in English. The Jury Committee included Marilena Maragkou, Project Coordinator of Youthmakers Hub, Marirena Barkatsa, Marketing Coordinator Youthmakers Hub, and Réka Andrásy, an Erasmus+ Intern at Youthmakers Hub.