Empowering the Future: Youthmakers Hub Visits 10th Secondary School Kallithea | November 2022

In November 2022, Youthmakers Hub had the opportunity to visit the 10th Secondary School of Kallithea to educate students about the various opportunities available to them through the European Union. Our co-founder and Program Coordinator, Marilena Maragkou, provided detailed information on how students could apply for Erasmus+ opportunities and participate in other EU projects. Specifically, students were introduced to Erasmus+ Youth Exchanges, DiscoverEU, the European Youth Portal, and the SALTO platform. This session was interactive, with 90 students in total having the opportunity to ask questions and learn how they can be more active as European citizens. As Youthmakers Hub is also a Eurodesk Multiplier, this activity was supported by Eurodesk Greece and INEDIVIM, providing students with additional insight into Eurodesk and its activities.