Empowering Social Innovation at Youth at Work Partnership TCP Forum | December 2022

In December 2022, Youthmakers Hub’s co-founder, Konstantinos Maragkos, took the stage as a spark speaker at the Youth at Work Partnership TCP Forum in Ioannina, Greece. The forum’s theme, “Digital and Social Innovation for Social Inclusion,” highlighted the importance of youth employability and entrepreneurship. As part of the esteemed Youth@Work Partnership, Konstantinos shared the inspiring journey of Youthmakers Hub, emphasizing the value of actively listening to others’ needs to drive social impact. His session focused on essential skills to identify opportunities and transform them into tangible initiatives that create a positive difference in society. The forum left attendees motivated to channel their passion and ideas into impactful projects that foster social inclusion and positive change, reflecting Youthmakers Hub’s commitment to empowering youth and driving social innovation.