Eurodesk is full of opportunities and correct and timely information is necessary for its exploitation. Eurodesk Network offers information to young people and those who work with young people on European policies and opportunities offered by the European Union. The Eurodesk funded by the European Commission and with its full support now implemented in 35 countries and has more than 1,200 national, local and regional partners, who are coordinated by the head office in Brussels. All of them are working to provide accurate and timely information. Eurodesk Network offers you online, free and immediate access to specialized and accurate information, covering a wide range of topics including labor, education, employment, mobility, volunteering, etc. and can guide you in the right direction, using specialized information tools.

You can find many opportunities for internships, volunteering and grants at the Eurodesk Opportunity Finder portal

Eurodesk Greece is being managed by the Youth and Lifelong Learning Foundation. In October 2021 Youthmakers Hub reached one more milestone by being elected as one of the 14 eurodesk multipliers in Greece and 1000 multipliers all over Europe.