In The Media

Climathon Chania: the first participatory action for young people in Chania with nEU Citizenship | November 24, 2022

Youthmakers Hub has been featured on Cretalive for our impactful initiative, Climathon Chania. Georgianna Chondrou, Communications Lead at Youthmakers Hub, highlighted the dynamic nature of Climathon’s program. Emphasizing the encouragement for participants to think innovatively and collaborate in teams, she underscored the focus on fostering the development of climate solutions specifically tailored for the unique context of Chania.

Acknowledged as the inaugural participatory effort for young individuals addressing climate change in Chania, Climathon aims to raise awareness and explore inventive solutions for the challenges posed by climate change. In collaboration with Ecogenia and the “Athena” research and innovation center, the event is supported by the Municipality of Chania.