Christos Zygogiannis: Through my involvement with YMH, I learned the importance of collaboration and embracing diverse perspectives for better results

My name is Christos Zygogiannis; I am Greek and currently 20 years old. I am an undergraduate at the Agricultural University of Athens, majoring in Biotechnology. I am also semi-employed at the supermarket “Oraiopoli”. I excel in managing various situations simultaneously, and I enjoy having a busy day as it makes me feel like I am seizing life by the horns. I like to exercise, read books, or study things related to my specialization in my free time. My dreams are diverse, but I aspire to impact others positively through my studies at this stage.

I first learned about YMH from my employer, who has a strong connection with the organization and its personnel. Curiosity and the need to break away from the routine drove me to get involved with YMH. I was intrigued by the programs they offer. That’s how I participated in Youthmakers Hub’s project EcoActiZenship.

My encounter with YMH has provided me with much food for thought.

Spending my day with people who do not let the day’s stress overwhelm them but instead strive to provide innovative solutions to significant global issues has shifted my perspective. It has opened the path for me to explore Green Biotechnology, a field I had not given much attention to before.

Through my involvement with YMH, I learned the importance of collaboration and embracing diverse perspectives for better results. Developing these skills made me feel more comfortable with myself and others.

My communication skills in English have significantly improved. Interacting with people who do not share the same native language forced me to use English to communicate.

I plan to integrate the lessons and experiences from YMH into my professional future, emphasizing the value of collaboration in various fields for my career path in Biotechnology.

I also plan to share the value and opportunities YMH has unlocked for me in my community, inspiring others to explore similar programs and experiences.

I have introduced my family to the program and they now understand the impact we can have on others’ lives through our actions and now they have a better understanding of such programs, which has sparked their curiosity and interest.

Although my relationship with YMH started recently, I have connected with people from different countries. We exchanged contact information and social media, creating a network I can turn to for advice or information if I plan to travel. These connections have opened up various pathways for my future decisions.

I am most proud of the opportunity to participate in one of YMH’s projects and understand how simple everyday activities can significantly impact people worldwide.