Andreas Karakasidis: Youthmakers Hub made me understand more of my skills and my potential

My name is Andreas Karakasidis; I am a 20-year-old Greek citizen. I just finished my Public Relations and Communication studies, and I love psychology. I dream of becoming financially independent and living a life full of experiences.

I have seen Youthmakers Hub in social media before, but I learned more about this organization from a friend who had the luck to collaborate with them.

I am a person who loves new experiences, and as soon as I got accepted to participate in the EcoActiZenship project, I said yes without second thoughts. From the beginning, the project was remarkable, and my whole experience made me realize that I made an excellent choice to join it.

One of the activities that we did was the activity with the egg. To clarify, we were supposed to make an armor for an egg, so it would not break when we threw it from one meter above the ground. We had to work in teams and protect the egg. That activity was very creative, and the result was worthwhile.

Youthmakers Hub made me understand more of my skills and my potential. I have learned how to communicate better with other people, either speaking my language or not, people with different cultures, and different mindsets. The skills I have developed will benefit me personally and professionally.

The primary skills I have developed are communication and teamwork. Since I participated in the project, I set my communication not only in my native language but in another language too. I learned how to work in teams and handle situations for exceptional results.

Nowadays, the more information you will receive from every sector of life, the more advantageous it will be for you. So, taking those experiences and applying them in your personal life will help you open doors that you have never thought to open. Something like that happened to me when I participated in this project, and in combination with that, I learned a lot.

After participating in the mobility with Youthmakers Hub, I noticed that many people were curious about my trip to Rome. Many friends asked me how I got into that project or what the organization does. I didn’t think so many people would be affected only by some stories I  posted on Instagram.

Besides the fact that every moment of this trip was incredible, my favorite was the party we had set at the end of the project. That night, we came even closer and spent more quality time together.

Initially, I established personal and professional relationships. Through the project, I made many friends who enchanted my trip and we are still staying in touch.

I am proud of many things, and I made a lot of achievements that I didn’t expect from myself. Most importantly, I exceeded my limits and fears for the first time. One of the fears I had was speaking in English with people from different countries; it caused a lot of anxiety, and I am proud I overcame it.