“Amplifying Environmental Advocacy: “Make Your Voice Heard for the Planet” Event | December 2021

On December 2nd, 2021, we held a digital discussion titled “Make your voice heard for the planet” on the Zoom platform. This event was co-organized by Youthmakers Hub and Europe Direct of Central Macedonia, as part of the Conference of the Future of Europe. We had an interactive discussion with our participants, many of whom were students from Perrotis College. The discussion covered a range of topics including the environment, technology, nutrition, entrepreneurship, quality of life, and education.

Our main speaker was Dr. Georgios Fytianos, an Assistant Professor at Perrotis College in the Department of Environmental Science. We discussed a variety of proposals, including reducing food waste along the food chain, promoting animal welfare, implementing sustainable agricultural practices, and using technological tools to conserve natural resources and protect the environment. The results of this discussion will be presented at the Conference of the Future of Europe.