AfriConEU Triumphs at the 10th Annual .eu Web Awards | November 2023

We are thrilled to announce that our project AfriConEU has secured a prestigious award at the .eu Web Awards 2023, in “The Laurels” Category, held at Maison du Bois in Brussels. Hosted by EURid, this event brought together industry leaders, web enthusiasts, and visionaries to celebrate and honor outstanding achievements in the digital realm.

Our organization, dedicated to Communication & Dissemination, was present at the award ceremony. Marilena Maragkou, Co-founder and Project Coordinator, Konstantinos Maragkos, Co-founder and Communications Specialist, and Stefanos Nastos, IT Manager and trainer, received the award on behalf of the AfriConEU Consortium.

As we celebrate this significant achievement, we extend our gratitude to the .eu Web Awards for recognizing our efforts. This recognition is a testament to the unwavering dedication and passion of our Youthmakers Hub community. A heartfelt thank you for your continued support. Stay tuned as we set our sights on even greater heights in our mission to empower and inspire positive change across Africa and Europe.

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