AfriConEU Capitalization Event | October 2023

In the charming city of Porto, Portugal, the AfriConEU Capitalization Event recently unfolded from October 25th to 28th, representing the culmination of a project dedicated to forging connections between Africa and Europe in the digital innovation and networking realm. This four-day event was meticulously designed to unite the diverse AfriConEU community, facilitating knowledge exchange and showcasing digital innovation approaches.

The event kicked off with an engaging visit to UPTEC, a renowned Portuguese Science and Technology park housing a Digital Innovation Hub (DIH). Subsequently, participants convened at the prestigious Porto Business School for a day of profound discussions about the project’s accomplishments and its future trajectory. 

Youthmakers Hub played a pivotal role as the communication and dissemination partner for the entire event. Marilena Maragkou, our Co-founder & Project Coordinator, presented our KPIs achieved and emphasized, “Success isn’t merely about ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ – it’s about forging meaningful connections, igniting conversations, and measuring project impact. Let’s ‘publish’ our goals, ‘share’ our passion for progress, and ‘follow’ the path to success together.”

As the event gathered momentum, the Porto Tech Hub Conference 2023 emerged as a highlight, providing a global stage for AfriConEU to showcase its work to the wider tech community. The event concluded with a memorable closing ceremony.