AfriConEU Bootcamp in Nigeria is completed | September 2023

One more AfriConEU Bootcamp is completed. As part of the AfriConEU project we embarked on our next exciting journey, with our sights set on the AfriConEU Bootcamp in Nigeria.

We eagerly took off to Nigeria from September 12th to 14th, 2023, with one clear goal in mind: to make an impact. During this Bootcamp, we conducted engaging interviews with the participants & covered everything that happened on social media, ensuring that the latest event updates reached our vast network.

The Bootcamp in Nigeria was an exhilarating experience, featuring a variety of activities such as immersive learning, dynamic networking sessions, and thought-provoking design thinking exercises. It was a vibrant celebration of African talent and the power of collaboration.

We look forward to our next and final exciting adventure as we continue our journey with the AfriConEU Networking Academy.